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About Iceland

Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe with an average of three inhabitants per square km. Iceland is a refreshingly unconventional destination. The Icelandic nature is unspoiled, exotic and mystical with its spouting geysers, active volcanoes, tumbling waterfalls, towering mountains, vast lava plains and magical lakes. Iceland's fjords, glaciers and highland plains present visitors with some of the most beautiful and enchanting places they will ever see, as well as a rare feeling of utter tranquility.

August 2017

Westman Islands festival 4 - 6 August

This festival is for the party people. It takes place in the Westman Islands and is the biggest event of the Icelandic Bank Holiday Weekend.See further information:

Gay Pride 12 August

Every second weekend of August Gays and lesbians come out in force and style to parade and party in Reykjavík. The general public in Iceland is friendly so you can be open about your sexual orientation. See further information:

Reykjavik Jazz Festival 9 - 13 August

The Reykjavik Jazz Festival is dedicated to presenting the best in Icelandic Music. The Jazz in Iceland is all about connecting with the international music scene. See further information:

Reykjavík Culture Night will be held for the 22nd time on August 19, 2017. The event, which is both created and enjoyed by city residents, takes place..

Reykjavik Culture night 20 August

Essential part of cultural life in Iceland with thousands of people strolling the streets of the city on this exciting and eventful night.

Reykjavik Marathon 20 August

Attracts over 6500 runners in all events, including more than 500 from abroad. This event goes hand-in- hand with the Reykjavik Cultural Night. See further information:

Local theater Festival August 24-28 August

Annual event in Reykjavík that introduces cutting edge theater to audiences in Iceland and connects local theater practitioners with fellow artists and presenters from abroad. See further information: